"Thank you so much for your timely consultation report, as well as your continued follow-up.  The report is incredibly detailed and complete, and exactly what we needed.  Your usage of our existing furnishings is amazing.  We are both extremely pleased with your work, and really appreciate the generous amount of time you spent with us to make it so useful." 
William & Angie

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the art of enhancing a home by making improvements in the home's overall appearance. Stagers create their magic by enhancing the space using painters, landscape artists, floor refinishers, furniture, accessories, artwork, window treatments, plants and fresh flowers.

Professional Stagers take an average home and stage it into a generous living space.

According to surveys, only 10% of buyers can visualize what a home COULD look like. That is where we come in.

Staged properties usually sell for a higher price.

Professional Staging adds value to the property, creates a positive connection for prospective buyers, allows the potential buyer to experience the “wow” factor, and finally make the property stand above any other homes in the market!

Staging Consulting Report