What is Home Staging?

Home Staging (also called house fluffing, real estate staging, house staging and real estate enhancement), is the art of decorating a house to sell quickly and for top dollar.

For some clients, a home stager will come in and make recommendations on improvements that the homeowner can do on their own. Recommendations typically include things like:

  • what excess clutter to get rid of
  • rearranging furniture within or between rooms
  • solving lighting problems
  • removing some furniture to off-site storage
  • rearranging art and accessories
  • styling book shelves, fireplace mantels and display cabinets
  • painting, cleaning and repair suggestions
  • other cosmetic changes that are relatively inexpensive but yield significant results

For other clients, the home stager may furnish the entire home from top to bottom including bringing in furniture, accessories and art after having the home repainted, repairs done, lighting changed, etc.
Most projects lie somewhere between these two extremes. It really depends on the client’s needs, buget and the time available.

A professional home stager understands that all recommendations and changes are geared to improving the marketability of the property. Home staging should increase the selling price, and speed up the time to sell— because the home is decorated to appeal to the greatest number of buyers within the home’s target market.

Home staging offers a potentially significant return on investment. For example, homes staged by Debra Gould typically sell at $10,000 to $70,000 above previous offers or above where the agent initially suggested the home would sell prior to staging. One client actually sold for $100,000 higher.

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