A Genie walked through my door on March 16, 2014.  I now believe in magic!  For three weeks I had been looking at colors, I looked at so many colors, I knew their names and numbers.  I bought $60 worth of color samples, put them up, numbered them, HATED them ALL.  I became color blind.
So, in walks a kind, gentle, considerate Angel, who knew in ten minutes what I still did not know.  Maryam put me at ease.  Her eye for my dream is remarkable.  She always answered my frantic texts and assured me that she would never leave my side.
I have never worked with someone so accommodating.  There is only one decorator I would ever recommend to anyone and that is Maryam Odabaee!  As a matter of fact, I will be consulting her for the staging of my furniture.  I truly believe not only have I had the good fortune of meeting Maryam, but I have also had the good fortune of meeting an inspiring decorator/designer.
My home is now filled with beautiful colors that blend perfectly throughout.  She is a very talented young woman.  I will be forever grateful and fortunate for having the opportunity to work with her.
Sena S.