Red Home Design Staging Consultation Report

Steps to be taken prior to Staging or Redesign







1. All clothing items in the closet needs to be placed in large/medium/small baskets
2. The closet needs to be organized & de-cluttered
3. Large sofa needs to against the wall (with the 2 windows) make the room appear larger
4. Place a plant on top of the armoire (with leaves hanging on the side)
5. Lace a small shall or a throw on the sofa


1. Clear all counter tops
2. Remove knives
3. Organize all cooking books on the shelves
4. Remove the existing bar stools & add 2-3 round wooden (with no backs) bar stools
5. Add cushions to the bench (include warm rich colors)
6. Add 6 cushions for back support to the bench
7. Set the table (with glasses, plates and napkins, NO knives)
8. Organize & sort closets (all rooms)
9. Clear counter spaces (kitchen, bathrooms etc.)

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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    “I just wanted to pass along my appreciation for the great job you did in staging my father’s house. Your timeliness, professionalism and pricing made a decision to go with you an easy one. Your performance “after” we signed the contract validated you as a top professional in your field. My hope is that should we need you in the San Diego area we can get you and your furniture to travel!

    I have been in the real estate business for over a decade, and have bought and sold a dozen houses for my own account over the last twenty years and I would have no hesitation in giving you my highest rating. I would give the following specific pieces of information to your perspective clients:
    • Timeliness: Both you and your furniture performed on schedule. From the first appointment through to the furniture removal after the sale, everything was precise.
    • Creativity: I expect people in your business to know color, size, and shape, but your ability to add value to the process was exemplary. Great job, you should be very proud of the work you did.
    • Follow-through: Mid way through the process we asked for something over and above the contract and you jumped through hoops to make sure that every detail was covered.
    • Price / Performance: We have had this service contracted on some of our past sales and it was clear that a very limited portfolio of furniture was force fit. The furniture you supplied looked custom created for our space and colors. This is something that I could never describe, but I know it when I see it, and you did an outstanding job.
    • Cleanliness: I expected clean furniture, but I also expected it to reflect that it had been moved, multiple times. I was shocked at the pristine condition of all the items delivered. Your crew of movers should be congratulated as this is not easy to pull off.”

    Frank M.

    San Pedro CA.