Maryam Odabaee is one of the young rising stars in the field of Interior Design and Home Staging. Maryam is the founder and President of RED Home Design & Staging, a company that assists Real Estate professionals, homeowners, investors, flippers and brokers enhance the overall visual appearance of their property for the marketplace.

Her passion for design was fueled at a very early age.  Growing up in Europe and then moving to northern California has been very rewarding for Maryam. With her mom being a school teacher and her dad an air force pilot, she learned discipline and structure at a very young age, which has prepared her for life’s challenges.

After attending a prestigious four year university, she received her Bachelor of Art degree in Sociology. Immediately thereafter, she started working in the non-profit sector for about 12 years. Those positions included, helping individuals locating family members in refugee camps, providing emergency assistance to local and national disaster victims, and training over five hundred volunteers to respond to disasters around the nation.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” _ Rumi